We have found that patients can reduce their recovery time by up to 50% by adding therapeutic massage to their treatment. When the spine becomes misaligned, muscle spasms develop in the surrounding area to support the weakened area. By addressing the misalignments with chiropractic adjustments and the muscle spasms and adhesions with therapeutic massage, a full and quick recovery is to be expected. Our licensed massage therapists specialize in deep tissue massage, trigger point work, and have extensive experience with soft tissue work on extremities. We offer massage to all ages, from children with sports injuries, high school football players, weight lifters, and gymnasts, to seniors needing arthritis relief and improved flexibility. Tendinitis, frozen shoulder or plantar fasciitis? No problem! Call to schedule your massage today.

Massage Specials 

Three 30 minute massages $75

Three 60 minute massages $150