Dr. Beth Harrill, DC

Dr. Beth Harrill, DC is a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Beth has helped thousands of patients, ranging from newborns to age 94, and for problems ranging from sciatica and headaches to colic in infants and pain during pregnancy. Having personally seen the impact of the prescription drug industry on the body’s ability to function and heal, she is proud be be part of a profession that seeks to find and correct the cause of pain and disease, not just offer a chemical cover up. Dr. Beth loves helping patients regain their health, reduce their need for prescription drugs, and, overall, have a much higher quality of life.

After owning a practice in Hendersonville, NC and working as a clinic director at nearby busy Charlotte, NC office for three additional years, Dr. Beth Harrill is now serving  Matthews and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Harrill is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, including kayaking Class V whitewater, mountain biking and competing her horses in the sport of 3 day eventing. Her 9 year son joins her on many adventures and is always first in line to get adjusted!

Our office staff and massage therapists are friendly and warm and we strive to make you feel at home. We provide great service, at an exceptionally affordable fee.

Grant Chiropractic Center is located at 11025 Monroe Rd. in Matthews NC (one block west of HW 51 on Monroe Rd.)

Our phone number is 704-845-5150. We can help you, even when everyone else has given up!

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